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Puritan Manufacturing History - Page 5

Joseph Waters Purchases Interest in Puritan Manufacturing, Inc...

In the late1950’s Puritan Manufacturing, Inc. had relocated to 18th & Cummings Street. They occupied back half of a 8,000 sq ft building. Wallace F. Walter had retained ownership from Walter Charnley and was operating the business up until 1963. At that time, a young Mechanical Engineer from Carrol Iowa Joseph F. Waters, a graduate from Iowa State University and former Ford Motor Company employee purchased part interest in the company. Joe had been the Manager of Operations for Gate City Steel prior to this and had always wanted to get into the steel business for himself. Initially Joe purchased a part interest, a few years later year later he would purchase full interest in the company with two other investors, Chet McCurty and Dr. Keith McCormick. Chet was an experienced accountant that helped Joe, while Joe concentrated on sales.

Waters worked hard to keep the company viable…he created an extensive sales book that included all the products that Puritan represented as well as offering the ability to customize any piece of equipment or create one from scratch. He relentlessly called on customers to offer solutions to their business problems. Soon he established a foothold in the specialty fabrication market in the Omaha and surrounding area. Puritan became know as a company that could provide products and services to businesses that truly added value to their bottom line.

Puritan Manufacturing acquires Carter Sheet Metal Works and moves.

As the company grew it needed more space, eventually they occupied the entire building at 18th & Cummings while renting additional space at the Carter Sheet Metal Plant which was located at 1301 Willis Avenue. Eventually in 1973, Joe purchased the assets of Carter Sheet Metal from Carl Cordes and moved its operation to that location. A year later Joe purchased sheet metal company in Millard to specialize in stainless steel fabrication, but after realizing that his resources were too spread out he ceased operations there just one year later.

In 1977, Joe built an addition onto the Carter Sheet Metal facility with added equipment and overhead crane capability, this drastically increased the capacity of the facility…it provided the ability to do difficult and larger fabrications with greater ease.

Above is an article about Owner, Joe Waters and Purtian from 1978….”Gentle Business Approach” Joe…bought interest in 1963 so at the time of this article he had been operating the company for 15 years. (note the article is signed by all of the employees at that time)

Puritan Manufacturing, Inc. expands with the acquisition of Eaton Metal Products.