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Puritan Manufacturing History - Page 6

Puritan Manufacturing, Inc. expands with the acquisition of Eaton Metal Products...

Article from 1980 describing how the IDA bonds, Industrial Development Bonds enabled Waters to purchase the Eaton Metal Fabrication Facility, which was just down the street from their location at 13th & Willis Ave. This increased the fabrication space to 175,000 square foot under roof along with increasing the fabrication capacities with the added equipment acquired.

In 1979, Waters son Bill went to work at Puritan, Bill had a teaching background and had to learn the steel business….approximately 10 years later, after going to night school and picking up classes where he could, Bill specialized in Mechanical Engineering and acquired his Professional Engineering License from University of Nebraska. In 1980, Waters other son David who also had a teaching background along with a degree from University of Nebraska in Industrial Technology went to work at Puritan as well.

Puritan Manufacturing, Inc., 1302 Grace Street, Omaha, Nebraska. (175,000 square feet under roof)

Larger projects possible in the new plant.

Article about settling in to the new plant.